[[About the Author]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $signup = 10>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou head to the website and sign up. Now you can [[read some tutorials|Tutorials]], [[interact on Twitter|Tweet]] with other game developers, or [[start your game|Game]].
<<if $game eq 10>>\nSatisfied with your hard work, you fall gently to [[sleep|Sleep]]. Tomorrow will be tough, without a solid eight hours behind you, but the joy of creation is in your brain now and should keep you going for at least a day.\n<<else>>\n<<if $message eq 20>>\nYou really are exhausted. It's a good thing you're not going to check that [[message|Message]], because that might be a terrible distraction from [[sleep|Sleep]].\n<<else>>\n<<if $signup eq 20>>\nYou really are exhausted. It's a good thing you're not going to sign up for that [[game jam|Signup]], because that might be a terrible distraction from [[sleep|Sleep]].\n<<else>>\nYou really are exhausted. It's a good thing you're not going to spend this time making a [[game|Game]], because that might be a terrible distraction from [[sleep|Sleep]].\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $game = 20>>\n<<set $message = 20>>\n<<set $tutorial = 20>>\n<<set $signup = 20>>\n<<set $tweeted = 20>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are sitting at your computer. It's cold, but the hum of the cooling fan and the flickering screen entice you to stay where you are. Your [[bed|Bed]] beckons you. On the other hand, a new message has just appeared on your screen. It blinks. You consider [[opening it|Message]].
<<if $game eq 10>>\nYou look through the code for your game again, but everything seems pretty solid. \n<<else>>\n<<if $tutorial eq 10>>\nYou begin working on your game, using what you learned from the tutorials. Your concept is clear and the ideas turn relatively easily into code. Within a few hours you have your simple game finished.\n<<set $game = 10>>\n<<else>>\nIt's not easy going without tutorials, but through careful reading of the documentation you are able to establish a simple game, although it isn't quite what you had in mind when you started. After a few hours you have something that you're happy with.\n<<set $game = 10>>\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>\n\nYou're still tired.\nGo to [[bed|Bed]], or [[tweet|Tweet]]?
James has been messing about for quite some time now, and many people would rather he stopped and took a good look at his life. And did something about that hair.\n\nHe is working on a Pygame-based game engine called <html><a href="https://github.com/PROGRAM-IX/pystroke" target="_blank">PyStroke</a></html>, and his personal website is <html><a href="http://program9.com" target="_blank">program9.com</a></html>.
<<if $game eq 10>>\nYour sleep is short but restful. After so much work, your brain is able to switch off easily to sleep, and you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.\n\nWell done! You are now a game developer!\n\nTHE END\n<<else>>\nYou try to sleep, but your brain is too active. Although your eyes fall closed easily, you can't stop thinking about that message and what it might have said. You end up sleeping fitfully, waking up almost as tired as you went to bed.\n\nLooks like you didn't become a game developer last night.\n\nTHE END\n<<endif>>
<html><a href="http://program9.com" target="_blank">James Heslin</a></html> (<html><a href="http://twitter.com/PROGRAM_IX" target="_blank">@PROGRAM_IX</a></html>)
<<if $tutorial eq 10>>\nYou read through the tutorials again, but don't really learn anything new.\n<<else>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $tutorial = 10>>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe tutorials are very clear and you find yourself understanding them quickly. In a short time you feel ready to move on.\n\n<<endif>>\n\n\nYou're still tired.\n<<if $game eq 10>>\nGo to [[bed|Bed]], or [[tweet|Tweet]]?\n<<else>>\nGo to [[bed|Bed]], [[start your game|Game]], or [[tweet|Tweet]]?\n<<endif>>
<<if $game eq 10>>\nIt's just that message you got earlier about the game jam. No real need for it now. You should get around to cleaning out your inbox at some point.\nOh, well. Time for [[bed|Bed]], really.\n<<else>>\n\n<<if $message eq 10>>\nIt's that message from before.\n<<else>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $message = 10>>\n<<endsilently>>\n<<endif>>\nThe message is a mass email from amzinggamejam.com:\n\n----\nGREETINGS READER! \n\nHAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT A VIDEOGAME AND THOUGHT, I COULD DO THAT?\n\nHAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO BE CELEBRATED AS A CREATOR OF FUN AND DIVERSION?\n\nHAVE YOU BECOME TERRIBLY BORED WITH JUST PLAYING GAMES?\n\nHAVE YOU GOT A FEW HOURS TO SPARE?\n\nVISIT OUR WEBSITE AND SIGN UP FOR THE AM'ZING GAME JAM NOW!\n\nTHOUSANDS OF PARTICIPANTS!\n\nCIRCLEJERK TWITTER CONVERSATIONS!\n\nNEWBIES WELCOME!\n----\n\n<<else>>\n<<if $signup eq 20>>\nThat seems pretty interesting. You have always wanted to make games, after all. It just seems so complex and intimidating. Perhaps the 'newbies welcome' attitude of this game jam would allow you to find your feet in a comfortable environment. \n\n\nBut you're so tired. Should you [[sign up|Signup]], or just go to [[bed|Bed]]?\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>
<<if $tweeted eq 10>>\nNot much has changed since you checked Twitter last. Maybe this is a sign that you should go to [[bed|Bed]]. \n<<else>>\n<<if $game eq 10>>\nYou tweet screenshots of your game to a great response. The #amzing hashtag is full of tweets and retweets about the 'little gamedev that could'. Despite the condescending nature of these tweets, you feel proud that people are interested.\nYou should probably go to [[bed|Bed]], now, though. Unless you want to read [[tutorials|Tutorials]] first.\n<<set $tweeted = 10>>\n<<else>>\nPeople are tweeting countless success stories of their experience with the game jam. You want to be a part of it, but maybe you should just go to [[bed|Bed]]. [[Tutorials|Tutorials]] and [[game development|Game]] are calling your name. What to do?\n<<endif>>\n<<endif>>