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06 February

How I’ve found being a member of Ubuntu Ireland

I used to work as a fitter welder. Anyone who knows me at all knows this is not a job that suits me. I’m a man of thinking, planning, logic, puzzles, computers and science. I hated that job and HR hated me (and rightly so). While in the job I’d fix computers and dream about one day being a programmer. I never had the time to learn.

On a whim I quit the job. Just got sick of it and could take no more. Had to cut my losses and move on. About an hour after sending the mail that said I’d be seen there no more, I downloaded linux. I saw it as my first step towards the dream. Little did I know how much Linux and it’s community would change my life.

After the install I joined the Irish LoCo (local community), didn’t get it at first but read the mailing listed, popped into the IRC room (#ubuntu-ie on freenode) and had my little bits of input here and there. Soon after the very active Laura Czajkowski started what’s know as an Ubuntu Hour in Limerick, so I said this was my chance to talk to people about the LoCo.

After going to the first one, it was a huge eye opener. Meeting people like that, like minded people, in such a laid back easy going setting was fantastic. For the months that followed I became more active. Setting up these Ubuntu hours and attending waiting for new members to come and give them the same experience. Alas… this never took off.

Some time later, less people showed up to the IRC meetings and the LoCo sadly quietened down. This was till Michael O’Donohue took a step to reboot the loco and set up a meeting that is taking place as I write this.

When I heard about the reboot I was delighted to hear. To many looking from the outside it may seem like you need to be a God at Linux, or know every part of the OS or be a dev for Ubuntu. Let me tell you this now. It is nothing like that!

What I love about Ubuntu Ireland is the team and the talks. We are just a group of people who meet online and face to face who all like the same things. You don’t need to be able to program or tell me what files are called on boot. If you like the idea of Linux, you’ll love the Loco, it’s that simple.

While taking my baby steps into programming and Linux, any time I wanted to find out more, some one would point me to where I could find it. If something broke and google couldn’t help, someone there would at the very least try to help or point to where help may be found.

The LoCo is set up for people, to connect, to talk, to help, to learn and the whole thing works….. for as long as there are people and interest.

Riding the wave of this reboot, I’m going to set up Ubuntu Hours in Limerick again and see if they stick this time. I’m president of the computer society of University of Limerick and live out Castetroy way, so at first the meetings may be done under the hood of the society or Castletroy way. As/if interest grows I’ll be happy to move the location to suit the masses, but will be doing the trail here first.

I write this to reach out to those who are interested so they can get what I got and it will help them and the LoCo and Ubuntu can help you. Being a member of Ubuntu would look great on a CV and show you a lot about open source. Maybe you want to get involved in the LoCo but just haven’t. With this reboot I would really like to see those who ever wanted to do it come to the Ubuntu hour and talk to me or anyone that will be there about Ubuntu and the LoCo.

I’ll post dates/times/locations on Ubuntu Ireland’s facebook, twitter and other media and I would ask that you share this with anyone you know who may take anything from it.

As always, thanks for reading and take care



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  1. Hughberto says:

    I was going to try to link up to Skynet in UL but I was too busy last year. Look I’ll try to be more active now since I have a few ideas bumping around me head so. I might see you there!!

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