Welcome to Comments Explained.

Written by Peter Aherne

This page explains exactly how to put your own comment in the A-Z of users pages in the place of the pages last modified date. So if you want to personalize the comment your page gets then read on.

Comments Explained

It is a simple task to change the comment your page gets and by following the instructions I give you your comment will appear on the A-Z page within a day or so. What you need to do is to go into the .banner directory as explained in the Banner Howto. Again dont worry that the .banner does not display in the directory listing as this is caused by the preceding . in the name. Now once in this directory type - pico comment.txt the pico editor will now appear on the screen. Type the comment you want to be displayed and press CTRL+X to exit the pico text editor. When you do this the editor will ask you if you want to save comment.txt, press y and then enter. And that is all there is to it.

Again, there are a few rules to adhere to in this process.

The comment must only be 40 characters in length. Any characters after the 40th will not be displayed

Do not attempt to put any html tags in the comment as the "<" character will be stripped from the comment resulting in you comment looking like really bad html.

Well that is all there is to it so enjoy.

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