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Written by Peter Aherne

This page explains exactly how to put your own banner up on the Skynet main pages. Your banner will be displayed on Skynet's pages themselves and will be a dirrect link to your homepage. Each time the page is loaded a random user's banner is selected and displayed. So if you want your page to be known then get to work.

Banner Specifications

Basically you can design your banner in any way you want as long as it conforms to a few simple rules.

Firstly, to have a sense of conformity and to stop people hogging a whole page, the banner must be 420X68 pixels in size. It is easy to ensure this when designing your banner by specifying the size to your paint package before you begin.

Secondly, To ensure that the Skynet pages load rapidly the banner must be less than 10 Kilobytes in size. Any banners larger than this shall be automatically ignored and will never appear.

Now to explain what to do after the banner has been created.

For your banner to be included it must be in the .banner directory within your public_html directory. To do this go into your public_html directory by typing - cd ~/public_html - now create the .banner directory with the following command - mkdir .banner. This directory will not appear in the ls listing because of the preceeding . so dont worry about it. Now by placing your banner.jpg in this directory over ftp, scp or mapped network drive it will, within a day or so be included in the list of all user banners and thus be shown on the main pages. Note :The banner should be world readable otherwise it will not be displayed.

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