Burning cd's on Skynet

Written by John Madden

Skynet now has a facility to queue cd's for burning. This can be used to burn a directory of files or an ISO. In the case of an ISO simply place it in your home directory and run

cdschedule /path/to/image.iso

replacing /path/to/image.iso with the path to and the name of the ISO.

If you wish to burn a directory of files, simply create the directory and place all the files you wish burned into this directory, making sure that it is not greater than 650MB (du -h dir_name will give the size of dir_name in human readable format) and run

cdschedule /path/to/dir_to_burn

again replacing /path/to/dir_to_burn with path to the directory you wish to burn.

You will be asked to confirm the name of the directory and, once confirmed, it will be added to the queue for burning. You can find out how many others are waiting to burn directories/ISO's by running


This will give a list of users and directories that are waiting to be burned. Check this list after scheduling a directory or ISO to be burned. If this list doesn't change for a long time, mail a reminder to compsoc /at/ skynet /dot/ ie.

If you wish to burn a linux distro (or something similarly large) and it is contained on ftp.csn.ul.ie, mail cdschedule /at/ skynet /dot/ ie instead of downloading it to your home directory.

Once your cd has been burned you will be mailed with a time to collect the cd. The price per cd is EUR 3.50 -- broken down as follows:

  • EUR 1.50 for the cd

  • EUR 1.50 for the society and

  • EUR 0.50 for the person burning the cd's

Terms and Conditions

1. Please note that as a user of UL Computer Society (hereafter referred to as 'Skynet') you are bound by the greater ITD Code of Conduct, and any breach of aforementioned Code, or of the Code set out here is liable for immediate disuserment and/or legal proceedings, subject to an appeal to the Skynet Committee.

1.1 Please note that while this Code specifically refers to CD-Burning services, any use of Skynet is covered by the ITD Code of Conduct, including but not restricted to, material on web-pages and news postings.

2. CD-Burning refers to the copying of data from a specified directory to a CD. In the case of Skynet the CD's used are write once only (eg. they cannot be rewritten to).

3. As a user of Skynet, you agree not to abuse the facility provided.

4. Abuse is defined as the use of the facility in such a way as to break the Code of Conduct, or the use of the facility in such a way as to bring disrepute upon Skynet as a whole.

4.1 Specific to CD-Burning, abuse is defined as the copying for use or distribution copyrighted material where there is no license owned to do so.

4.2 In the case of MP3's, Skynet cannot condone the burning of material without proof of purchase of an original copy of the material.

4.3 In all other cases, if distribution is restricted by copyright and/or licensing, Skynet cannot burn without proof of purchase of the material.

5. Skynet is largely an honour based system. However, Administrators reserve the right to check the directory to be burned.

5.1 Should a user be found to be in breach of this code, or ITD's Code of Conduct, Skynet reserves the right to inpund the offending material and to censure the user.

5.2 Censure can take the form of a verbal warning, disuserment, the user being reported to the Student Union and the relevant authorities, and/or legal proceedings.

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