The Linux Basics.

When you hit RETURN after typing your password the following screen will come up:


this is your prompt. The prompt is where you will be entering the majority of your commands. Below are some of the common ones :

  Basic Commands:

ls      : Directory listing.  
rm      : Remove command.     
mv      : Move command.      
cat     : Text file reader. 
cp      : Copy command.      
cd      : Change directory.  
mkdir   : Make directory  
exit    : Disconnect from Skynet

  Other Commands:
ltin    : Run the local news reader.
pine    : Run the E-mail program.
date    : Display the time and date.
uptime  : Shows how long the system has been running.
who     : Display who is logged in currently.
passwd  : Change your password.
telnet  : Telnet protocol 
ftp     : Ftp Protocol.  File transfers
ncftp   : New more friendly version of FTP.
ping    : Check if a host is running.
chmod   : Change file access. 
man     : Help system. 

If you wish to learn anymore, the Linux Documentation Project User Guide is also available on this site, with detailed descriptions of all aspects of Linux. Just click here.

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