The 'yppasswd' command

The command 'yppasswd' is used to change your login password. It is very important that you do this on a regular basis as you never know whose looking over your shoulder when you're logging in. It is recomended that you change your password at least once every two weeks.

skynet:~> yppasswd                                                          
Changing NIS account information for username on holly.
Please enter old password:

You type in your current password at this prompt. If you type it in right the following will appear:
Changing NIS password for username on holly.
Please enter new password:
Please retype new password:
Then type in the new password and confirm it. The program will not allow you to chose an easy to guess a dictionary word, or words of all one case or a name, or very short words, so pick one that is hard to guess, for example two unrelated words seperated by a @ or # or something like that.

If the password is changed successfully you will get this message:

The NIS password has been changed on holly.


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