The 'ltin' Program

Typing 'ltin' at the prompt will bring up skynet's own user conferencing system. This is a group of discussion areas where skynet's users can read other peoples ideas and opinions on many different subjects and add some of their own. These topics are not just computer related, but also include music, hobbies, films and TV, jokes and other areas where skynet's users can exchange ideas and ask for and receive help.

When you type 'ltin' at the command prompt you see a screen like this one:

                      Group Selection (  22)                h=help

       1        control
       2        junk
       3        skynet.soc.comp               General Computer Society stuff
       4        skynet.general                General skynet stuff
       5         Suggestions for new groups
       6        skynet.test.mod               Moderated Test group
       7  The IE-Professional Newsletter
       8        skynet.quotes                 Quotes from people on skynet
       9                   Help for new users
      10        skynet.rave                   Skynet rave newsgroup
      11                Skynets Website dicsussion group
      12                   Techie stuff questions / queries
      13        skynet.roast.pissog           Well if you have to ask ...
      14        skynet.poo                    Well Poo ...
      15                  General music discussion
      16        skynet.lists.lotd             Laugh of the Day mailing list

       =set current to n, TAB=next unread, /=search pattern, c)atchup,
    g)oto, j=line down, k=line up, h)elp, m)ove, q)uit, r=toggle all/unread,
      s)ubscribe, S)ub pattern, u)nsubscribe, U)nsub pattern, y)ank in/out

Hit the 'A' key and a highlight bar will appear, and use the arrow keys to move up and down to select the newsgroup you wish to read. Then use the right arrow key and a screen like the one below will appear:

                 (13T 46A 0K 0H)                     h=help

     1    2  filter-rules wanted                             Damien Mc Kenna
     2    3  american videos                                 Caolan McNamara
     3    6  fortune                                         JJ Sheehy
     4       Atari ST fs                                     Stephen Mulcahy [s
     5    5  fips for ext2fs                                 Norm
     6    2  vi                                              JJ Sheehy
     7       EISA                                            Robert Early (Cons
     8    13 standard output in X                            Final Year Project
     9    2  Excel Data Format                               Stephen Mulcahy [s
    10    2  sound under linux                               Norm
    11    5  random sig generators                           Caolan McNamara
    12    2  RAM types                                       Stephen Mulcahy [s
    13    2  RedHat 4.0                                      Ivan Griffin

    =set current to n, TAB=next unread, /=search pattern, ^K)ill/select,
  a)uthor search, c)atchup, j=line down, k=line up, K=mark read, l)ist thread,
    |=pipe, m)ail, o=print, q)uit, r=toggle all/unread, s)ave, t)ag, w=post

                            *** End of Articles ***
Then when the highlight bar is over the article you want to read, hit the right arrow again and the article will be displayed on the screen like this:
Mon, 04 Nov 1996 08:01:15       skynet.soc.comp             Thread    1 of    1
Lines 23                    Internet Meeting....            No responses      John Buswell (sysadm) at Skynet UL Computer Society

Anyone thats interested the Limerick IOL Usergroup has been renamed by
Paul O'Mara to LINUS. You no longer require to be a IOL user. Paul says
it's normally a few drinks and stuff while discussing general internet
stuff etc..

Anyone interested they're next meeting is on this Wednesday (6th Nov)
in the Glenworth Hotel at 8:30pm.

If you can't make it they have their meetings on the first wednesday of
each month in the Glenworth Hotel at 8:30pm.

Its free.. but you have to pay for your own drink! :)
For further info email: omara here on skynet.

    =set current to n, TAB=next unread, /=search pattern, ^K)ill/select,
        a)uthor search, B)ody search, c)atchup, f)ollowup, K=mark read,
        |=pipe, m)ail, o=print, q)uit, r)eply mail, s)ave, t)ag, w=post

                                                       --More--(89%) [930/1037]
At any one time, all the available commands are shown in the panel at the botom of the screen, i.e. hit 'w' to add a comment, 's' to save the article to a file in your account, and 'q' to quit. At any time, you can use the left and right, up and down arrows to go to different newsgroups and read different articles.


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