The 'pine' program

  PINE 3.95   MAIN MENU                             Folder: INBOX  0 Messages   

          ?     HELP               -  Get help using Pine             
          C     COMPOSE MESSAGE    -  Compose and send a message      
          I     FOLDER INDEX       -  View messages in current folder 
          L     FOLDER LIST        -  Select a folder to view         
          A     ADDRESS BOOK       -  Update address book             
          S     SETUP              -  Configure or update Pine        
          Q     QUIT               -  Exit the Pine program           

   Copyright 1989-1996.  PINE is a trademark of the University of Washington.

? Help                     P PrevCmd                  R RelNotes                
O OTHER CMDS L [ListFldrs] N NextCmd                  K KBLock                 

Hit RETURN when the folder list option is highlighted and the screen will look like this:

  PINE 3.95   FOLDER LIST                           Folder: INBOX  8 Messages   

INBOX               sent-mail           saved-messages      read-mail

? Help       M Main Menu  P PrevFldr    - PrevPage    D Delete      R Rename    
O OTHER CMDS V [ViewFldr] N NextFldr  Spc NextPage    A Add                    

Use the arrow keys to move around to select the folder you want,(INBOX contains the messages sent to you, sent-mail, the messages you sent, and saved-messages the mail you want to keep for a while and read again), then hit enter.

  PINE 3.95   FOLDER INDEX               Folder: INBOX      Message 8 of 8      

+     1 Dec  5 UL Games Society      (631) analog.doc                           
+     2 Dec  5 Ed Harty            (1,437) Re: things                           
+     3 Dec  6 WebSeizer           (1,689) Top Ten List                        
+     4 Dec  9 Joe Leavitt         (1,190) Add It!                              
+     5 Dec  9 Kirsty Levers       (1,406) Re: Howdy dody (fwd)                 
      6 Dec  9 Stephen Mulcahy [s    (604) stuff                             
      7 Dec  9 Caolan McNamara       (904) ntrigue                              
      8 Dec 10 Ger Maguire (sysad  (1,130) Re: Non-IP Virtual hosting ...       

                  [Folder "read-mail" opened with 8 messages]
? Help       M Main Menu  P PrevMsg     - PrevPage    D Delete      R Reply     
O OTHER CMDS V [ViewMsg]  N NextMsg   Spc NextPage    U Undelete    F Forward  
Like ltin use the arrow keys to move up and down until the message you want to read is highlighted and press RETURN.
      8 Dec   MESSAGE TEXT              Folder: INBOX   Message 3 of 8  TOP      

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 11:02:08 -0500 (EST)
From: WebSeizer 
To: Recipients of The Top Ten List 
Subject: Top Ten List

The Top Ten List

"Signs You Have a Bad Airline Pilot"

As presented on the 12/06/96 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN

10. You overhear him say on the intercom "Hey, Pedro, what's this gizmo
9. For the past two hours, you've been going straight up
8. He says, "We're cruising at an altitude of 40 feet"
7. Co-pilot is sitting on his lap
6. When you take off he yells, "Weeeeeeeeee!"
                               [START of message]
? Help       M Main Menu  P PrevMsg     - PrevPage    D Delete      R Reply     
O OTHER CMDS V ViewAttch  N NextMsg   Spc NextPage    U Undelete    F Forward  
This is the message view screen. All the relavent commands are listed at the bottom of the screen.


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