Sun Microsystems (http://ie.sun.com)

Sun Microsystems Ireland kindly sponsored us with a state of the art server with a dual processor E450, 2GB RAM and 20 9GB disks. This server will form the core of the Computer Society Network, and we are very grateful to Sun for their sponsorship.

Blacknight Internet Solutions (http://www.blacknight.com)

Blacknight Solutions is a 100% Irish owned company specialising in serving the hosting and co-location needs of business, both large and small. They have very kindly sponsored the skynet.ie domain.

CommNet (http://www.commnet.ie)

Commnet, providers of professional computer and network services to both Commercial and Educational customers, kindly sponsored us a PlayStation 2 as a prize for our Retro Gaming competition during Greek Week. The excellent prizes attracted significant attention to the society and the event. We are very grateful to CommNet for this prize.

CMS (http://www.ovhwizard.com)

CMS kindly sponsored our new Webcam. By making our events available over the web, we reaffirm our global reach and give a tangible link to past Skynet members and UL alumni alike. Skynet is very grateful to CMS for their generous sponsorship and are proud to be linked with such a local, hi-tech company.

PC World (http://www.pcworld.com)

PC World's Irish subsidiary, PC World Ireland have kindly sponsored Skynet with a state of the art HP DeskJet printer as a prize in out Greek Week Retro Gaming competition. We are extremely grateful to them for sponsoring us with this equipment, as it helped us to attract much needed on campus publicity.

3Com (http://www.3com.com)

3Com's Irish subsidiary, 3Com Ireland have kindly sponsored Skynet with two state of the art, high quality hubs as well as several of their superb network cards. 3Com products are rightfully considered the best in the market, we are extremely grateful to them for sponsoring us with this equipment, as it allows us to connect our existing machines to the University network as well as providing us with numerous expansion possibilities for future machines. These intelligent hubs also provide us with valuable network information using SNMP.

American Power Conversion Corporation (http://www.apcc.com)

APC manufacturers of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) kindly sponsored us several of their UPS products. Thanks to them,Skynet is protected from power failures and surges, and we were able to obtain our DNS server as a result of their sponsorship.


Micro Interface Automation Ltd MIA Ltd, an Irish computer firm, who build, repair and maintain PCs, as well as offering CAD services. MIA based in Tralee, Co.Kerry kindly sponsored the Skynet Project by providing us with a P-133MHz Server at cost price. They also provided us with the ability to purchase any future equipment from them at cost.

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