Services provided by Skynet

Skynet provide a host of services to Students and Staff of the University of Limerick.

Feel free to delve straight into the Resources as listed on the left. An explaination of each of the services is listed below:

  • Anyterm is a Terminal (ssh login) emulator which runs in a webpage.
  • Skynet has a range of books in its library covering programming, linux, hardware etc.
  • Disk/MailHog provides Usage statistics on Disks/Storage Space and Email space used by Skynet Members.
  • The Skynet Encyclopedia contains an explaination/defination for certain terminology used by members in the society.
  • Skynet provides an "Mailing Lists" service, where by people can be subscribed to an Email list, and their subscription managed.
  • Skynet provides a "mirror" of frequently used Projects and Applications, (e.g. Apache Software) to speed up downloads.
  • Virtual sites such as can be setup on request of members.
  • Skynet provides a choice of WebMail (online email applications) allowing members to securely check their emails anywhere in the world.
  • The Skynet Wiki is an Important resource, as it contains excellent and very useful help, FAQ and How-To's on all aspects of the society.
  • WebIRC is a Web application allowing you to connect to Internet Chat Rooms, including Skynet's own #foobar.

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