Tutorials and Ubuntu Release Party

Submitted on: 7th October 2009

For those of you at the tutorial last week these are the links I was talking about: Thinking in C++, and Project Euler For the tutorial next week i'll have a small robot people can play around with, apart from that suggestions are welcome for topics/things to do.

Next week Paul O'Connor of ONS Ltd will be giving a talk next Wednesday (14th of October). More details to follow.

And finally we're in the process of organising a trip up to the Ubuntu release party on the 31st of October at 1pm in Dublin. The basic timetable is meeting up in Jimmy Chungs at 1pm for an all you can eat chinese buffet (for only 10!), followed by pints, pub quiz, pints... The plan would be an early train up and staying over in a hostel on the Saturday night. We're looking at the cost being around 20. Could those interested email

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