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Submitted on: 11th September 2009

Hi all and welcome back to another year of University life!

This semester we're planning to run alot more on-campus activites and intersocs events. Tuesday nights (suggestions for a decent name are welcome, email events AT will be all about meeting up and discussing/doing a wide variety of projects, tutorials and anything that you would like to do.

To start with next Tuesday we will be running a beginnners introduction to Skynet, the services we run and how you can get the most use out of Skynet. If you do have any suggestions please email

We also hope to introduce a weekly coding competition based around TopCoder, there will be small prizes each week and hopefully an end of semester or end of year prize and presentation. We will also be using this to teach basic coding practices to those willing to learn.

This weekend there is an intersocs meetup in Galway courtesy of Niall (terran) and hopefully the first of many. Next up is OSSbarcamp on Saturday the 19th which is being run by our own Laura Czajkowski (cypher). We are also planning on heading off to LugRadio Live in Wolverhampton on the 24th of October. As usual there will be more details on all of these trips to follow.

Lunch and Pints will continue on Wednesday (1pm and 9pm in the Stables and Scholars/Java's respectively).

I'd also like to thank all those who put in so much work on our new website which has now gone live.

As usual more details to follow and on the new shiny website. For any questions feel free to email the committee at compsoc AT Dave President

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