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Submitted by: Cathal Ferris

Account with ultimate power on the machine

To: John Madden
From: Mel Gorman
Subject: When you got root
Today is your lucky day. You too will have the glory of changing your status from lowly peon to glorious master. Yes, people will now fear and respect you for no other reason than you can make their life miserable for your own amusment.

This privilege comes at the low low price of been reminded by dollar about the day you joined the computer society on a regular basis.

Until further notice you must practice cackling and going MUWUHAHAHA. At least twice a day you must practice glaring. For extra credit, strike fear into the hearts of users by wondering out loud on ltin or skychat what would be amusing to do next with root. Past suggestions have been using the magic eight ball when deciding whether to use tar or rm to do backups. Others have been a quick game of "Guess Who's Inbox" . In time you will figure it out.

Mel Gorman, President UL Computer Society


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