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TermSubmitted byExplanation
ab <-> fb Martin Donlon Everything in the world can be described by plotting its position on a 2D graph.
ABS Niall Donegan Anything But Study
admin Cathal Ferris Box undertaking some of the main administration tasks.
Beer Niall Merrigan A bribe for when you really need something back from the admins ..(see admin beer generation routine)
maddenj Niall Merrigan A term used to explain why something broke
Minicom Daren Nestor A device that accesses a login shell across a serial link
molc Daniel Nagle Basic atomic unit of skynet measurement.
Monitor Cian Davis A video display
mother Cathal Ferris Mother is that thing which protects from the outside world
MySQL Ewan Oughton Open source database engine / client in use on orac.
R2D2 Niall Merrigan A box with wheels
root Cathal Ferris Account with ultimate power on the machine
Sergio John Madden Skynet recovery alarm
Skynet Daren Nestor The Skynet Project
slash dotting Cian Davis Webserver overload
The Stables Niall Merrigan When you cant find an admin, look here
Yak shaving Rory Spending time on trivial activities that are not on your critical path to graduation.

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