Skynet Contacts

Role Responsilbility E-mail address
Committee All issues relating to The Computer Society but not relating to administration of computer resources compsoc /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Accounts All queries relating to Skynet accounts including new accounts, payments and accounts not working. accounts /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Web Admin Web administration - anything related to the Skynet Website or webserver webadmin /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Database Admin Administration and queries regarding Skynet's MySQL server including new database accounts dbadmin /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Mailman Admin Administration and queries regarding Skynet's Mailman service including new lists mailman /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
DNS Admin Administration of Skynet's DNS services including new domains dnsadm /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Security Anything relating to the security of the Skynet cluster security /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Abuse Notify Skynet Administration of any abuse from or to our cluster abuse /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
System Administrators Any issue relating to the administration of the Skynet cluster that does not fall under any previous heading. Only accepts e-mail from skynet accounts. sysadm /at/ skynet /dot/ ie
Intersocs Rep Liaison with other Clubs and Socities in other Universities around Ireland. Contactable also via IRC on #intersocs. intersocsrep /at/

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