Constitution of the Computer Society


We, the students of the University of Limerick, who share a common interest in computing, have united to form this society, in an endeavour to promote the use and enjoyment of computers within the University, by all students including those for whom it is not an academic requirement. To this end we shall employ the use of the computing skills, knowledge and resources of the society, computer based information services, combining both the practical and the entertaining, to bring computers to the masses.

Section 1:Membership of the Society

Article 1.1
The Computer Society membership is open to:

  • Staff and Alumni of the University of Limerick
  • Students studying at the University of Limerick
  • Students who have transferred from the University or University graduates
  • Past students of the University of Limerick

Article 1.2
There are three categories of membership of the Society:

  • Ordinary Member
  • Associate Member
  • Honorary Member

Article 1.3
An ordinary membership is obtained by payment of an annual membership fee levied by the committee of the Society. Ordinary members have an equal right to participate in events run by the Computer Society.

Article 1.4
An associate membership is obtained by payment of a membership fee levied by the committee of the Society and is valid for 5 years. Associate membership is only available to Alumni or past students of the University of Limerick. Eligibility of associate members to participate in events is at the discretion of the Committee of the Computer Society.

Article 1.5
An honorary membership is bestowed upon recipients for life, where it is deemed by the committee that they have made a significant contribution to the development of the Society. Honorary members have the same privileges as ordinary members.

Article 1.6
All members must abide by the Code of Conduct and/or Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) as set down by the Information Technology Division of the University of Limerick, and by the Higher Education Authority Network as well as the Computer Society AUP.

Article 1.7
Breach of the Computer Society AUP, which incorporates any applicable Information Technology Division or HEAnet Code of Conduct or AUP, may result in sanction by the committee of the Society, including the removal of membership.

Article 1.8
Any person who has had their membership revoked or membership of the Society refused may appeal to the University of Limerick Students' Union Clubs and Societies Executive.

Article 1.9
The committee of the Computer Society can refuse membership at their discretion.

Article 1.10
Members are required to provide information necessary for identification and verification of members and for the Computer Society to conform with University of Limerick Student's Union, University of Limerick and legal regulations.

Section 2: Skynet

Article 2.1
Skynet, The Skynet Project and the Computer Society Network refer to the computer equipment, services and related infrastructure of The Computer Society

Article 2.2
Skynet is maintained and administered by the Systems Administration Team. The Systems Administration Team shall elect a Head Administrator. The Head Administrator will also be appointed as Vice President. Membership of the Administration Team is decided by the Administration Team.

Article 2.3
Skynet Accounts are available to:

  • Members of the Computer Society
  • Other persons or organisations deemed appropriate by the Computer Society Committee

Article 2.4
Any person who has had their Skynet account revoked or Skynet account refused may appeal to the Privileges Tribunal

Article 2.5
The Systems Administration Team has the right to take whatever steps are neccesary to ensure the stability and security of Skynet and to ensure its compliance with revelant regulations, policies and laws.

Section 3: Administration of the Society

Article 3.1
The committee shall consist of the following:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. Treasurer
  4. Public Relations Officer (henceforth called P.R.O.)
  5. Secretary
  6. Liaison with the Information Technology Department of the University

Article 3.2
The President shall be the chief representative of the society and has overall authority for promoting the society within the University and locality and for overseeing all society events. He/She shall chair all meetings of the committee and all meetings of the general assembly. The president shall have the casting vote except in matters pertaining to himself/ herself. Together with the Treasurer the President is jointly responsible for the financial affairs of the Society. Should the president be absent for any reason, his position for that meeting shall be filled by the next in line according to the order stipulated in Article 3.1.

Article 3.3
The Vice President shall be the head systems administrator as chosen by the Systems Administrators of the Computer Society Network. They shall act as an assistant to the President of the Society and shall assist the President in the running of the Society. They shall also be the representative of the Systems Administrators and serve to relay the decisions or opinions of the Systems Administrators to the Committee.

Article 3.4
The Treasurer has overall responsibility for the maintenance of the society accounts and is jointly responsible for those with the President. Responsibility rests with the treasurer in relation to the preparation of the society's budget for the Students Union. A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the society, the account shall require the co-signature of the treasurer and the president or the vice president. The duties of the treasurer shall also include those of business liaison officer. He/she will be jointly responsible for obtaining sponsorship and equipment along with the PRO, and creating and maintaining links with computer based businesses.

Article 3.5
The Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence related to the affairs of the society. He/she shall be responsible for the announcement of committee meetings. He/she shall duly record the minutes of both committee and general assembly meetings, these shall be ratified at the following meeting. The secretary is also charged with keeping an accurate record of all current members of the society.

Article 3.6
The Public Relations Officer (PRO) shall be responsible for the advertising and organising of all meetings and functions of the society through all means possible. The publicising of events shall be aimed at the university community as well as the wider community. It is incumbent upon the PRO to report to the Students Union newspaper, to local and where appropriate to national press. The office of PRO shall have the responsibility of organising all receptions held by the society, aided where necessary by other committee members. He/She will be jointly responsible with the Treasurer for obtaining sponsorship and equipment.

Article 3.7
The Liaison with the Information Technology Department of the University of Limerick is responsible for maintaining an open communications avenue with the Information Technology Department of the University of Limerick. Any grievances between the Society and the Information Technology Department of the University of Limerick will be relayed to this officer, who has the responsibility to pass on the grievance and actively work with both parties to resolve any differences.

Article 3.8
The First Year Representative is responsible for ensuring that the opinions and interests of the newer members of the society are not forgotten in the formulation and execution of policy by the Committee of the Society.

Article 3.9
The committee of the Computer Society is responsible ensuring attendance at Clubs and Societies Council. Those representing the committee at Clubs and Societies Council are responsible for keeping the committee advised of all developments in the Clubs and Societies Council and if necessary relaying the Society's grievances and opinions on matters under discussion.

Section 4: Election of Committee

Article 4.1
All elections shall be by show of hands by members or, if there is objection to this by any member, by secret ballot.

Article 4.2
The system of 'Majority Election' shall be used.

Article 4.3
All members of the society have the right to run for a position on the committee provided that they fulfil the requirements as specified in Article 4.4.

Article 4.4
Candidates must:

  1. be members of the Computer Society
  2. not have held the same office for more than 3 years

Article 4.5
To seek election as President, Treasurer, P.R.O., Secretary, each candidate must have 2 nominations by ordinary members of the society, one of these by a committee member. These must be presented to the outgoing secretary at the announcement of elections.

Article 4.6
The elections shall take place towards the end of the Spring term when the A.G.M. is called.

Article 4.7
Should any position become available for whatever reason e.g. Co-operative Education, a by-election shall take place.

Article 4.8
The Vice-President is appointed by the System Administration Team.

Section 5: General Meeting Standing Orders

Article 5.1
Each speaker shall address him/herself solely to the chairperson i.e. President or order stipulated in article 3.1.

Article 5.2
The chairperson shall ensure that all sides of the debate are heard, that each speaker gets the respect he/she deserves and that the meeting is conducted in an orderly fashion.

Article 5.3
The secretary for each meeting of the committee shall collect beforehand the motions for discussion. On this information he/she shall write up an agenda and circulate it prior to the meeting.

Article 5.4
Every motion must be seconded by two members.

Article 5.5
Every motion shall be opened for discussion after its proposal.

Article 5.6
Only one motion shall be in the floor at any one time.

Article 5.7
Amendments must be relevant; They may not seek to negate the proposal they are amending directly.

Article 5.8
If there is no discussion, the Chairperson may inquire whether there is any opposition and if not, shall declare the motion carried.

Article 5.9
The following procedural motions may be moved:

  1. a motion that the question now be put
  2. a motion that the question not be put
  3. a motion that the motion be postponed to another time or meeting
  4. a motion of no confidence in the Chairperson
  5. a challenge to the Chairperson's ruling

Article 5.10
A point of order shall have precedence over all other business, except the act of voting (unless it refers to the act of voting). It must relate to procedure or conduct of the meeting.

Section 6 : The Privileges Tribunal

Article 6.1
The tribunal shall be responsible for determining the degree of privileges that Skynet accounts have. When deciding privileges, the tribunal has the power to revoke accounts in cases of serious offences, used at its own discretion. The tribunal's decision is final

Article 6.2
The tribunal shall hear all cases resulting from actual or suspected breaches of the AUP, as well as cases of members who bring the society into disrepute.

Article 6.3
The tribunal shall consist of the elected committee and two system's administrators.

Article 6.4
Locus Standi to bring such charges resides with any member of the society who receives support from a simple majority of the general assembly or any person who has been stripped of their account.

Section 7: Constitutional Amendments.

Article 7.1
Any proposed amendments to this constitution or to the standing orders herein contained may only be enacted at an A.G.M. or an E.G.M.

Article 7.2
The society may be called to an E.G.M. by a 2/3's majority of the voting general assembly meetings.

Article 7.3
Proposed amendments must be handled by the Secretary and presented to each member of the Committee at least one week prior to the date set for the meeting and must be seconded by a committee member.

Section 8: Society Standing Orders

Article 8.1
Society Standing Orders:

  • Detail policy and regulation with regard to the running of the Society
  • Clarify the constitution of the Computer Society where necessary
  • Detail responsibilities entrusted to the Committee of the Computer Society by this Constitution

Article 8.2
Society Standing Orders are enacted and enforced by the Committee of the Computer Society.

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