About CSN

CSN is an Internet Domain administered solely by a group of University of Limerick students. The CSN domain consists of our DNS Server ( admin ), our primary server ( skynet ), webserver ( orac ), mail and home server ( holly ) and our FTP and IRC server ( hal ). Our Sun box, which runs the societies primary services was donated a Sun System by Sun MicroSystems. All other machines are Intel based PCs running Linux, a free UNIX based operating system.

The Computer Society (also known as The Skynet Project ) own all servers and the Committee elected each year work to improve the services provided by obtaining sponsorship to purchase additional equipment and organise events.

The System Administration Team work to keep the system up and running as well as providing new and interesting services. Unlike the committee, the sysadmin team is not elected, but anyone with enough Linux, UNIX, Networking, C, HTML, Java experience is welcome to join.

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